There’s something for everyone, if our round hole tours don’t fit into your square peg itinerary then go custom.

We know this island! Let us arrange the perfect tour for you. Some tours we can provide:

See the island’s unique wildlife and mother nature with a real Nantucket Scientist. Partnered with the non-profit Maria Mitchell
Stargazers tour
Nan‘tuck in beneath the stars at the Maria Mitchell Observatory for a stargaze facilitated by an astronomer. We can even have this catered!  Bike around and then enjoy beautiful stars, wine, and company.
Mountain Bike
Navigate over sandy slopes and see parts of Nantucket that remain untouched. Bike up to Alta Rock, one the highest point on the island, and be rewarded with a bird’s eye view.  A great trip for those looking for some excitement between waves.
Helmets to High Heels
Noooo, we’re not going to our favorite bike shops (while we love them all). This tour is for those looking to hit up all the best shops for accessories, clothing, and art. We’ll hold your bags and can end this tour at RJ Miller for the island’s best pedicure.
Cycling Workout
Nantucket has a growing community of cyclists and triathletes. Join the hard core and  train for a tough workout. This is for experienced riders looking to keep his/her training up while on vacation. This tour will pair with the Nantucket Triathlon Cub and operates at limited times.
Great Point Lighthouse
A trip to the remote Great Point. Bike to the guard post and join with the Nantucket Trustees out to Great Point. See marine mammals, jump in the ocean, and hike the steps to the top of the lighthouse. Partnered with the Trustee’s of the Reservation.